Winter Dreams The Great Gatsby
Dexter – Protagonists, Dexter started working as a golf caddie he quit this job at about 14 because he thought he was too old. They both made their money because they both started out not in the rich inner circle. Dexter made his money through his laundromat. They met a nice rich girl but then she went away and they grew apart.  Dexter moved on from Judy. Judy comes back only days before Dexter was going to announce his engagement  to Irene. Judy and Dexter have an affair but then Dexter breaks away. Gatsby –  Gatsby started as a working class family he made his money by buying drug stores. Before this, at the age of 17 he made himself into a new person. Then he was determined to become rich. He had met Daisy (the love of his life) and had a fling then he had to go to the war and he was away for 5 years when he returned he she was engaged to a Mr Tom Buchanan a rich man from the same social standing as her, but Gatsby was determined to get her back.
Judy – Judy Jones is 3 years younger then Dexter. Dexter loved her and would risk his engagement for her. They met when she was playing golf, she hit the ball and dexter was in the firing line. from then on we could get a clear idea of her personality as being strong headed “they ought to put some of these crazy women off the course. Its getting to be outrageous.” This explains to us that Judy is a bit crazy and wild. Judy loves Dexter despite the fact that he is engaged to Irene, a woman that Judy knows about. Daisy- Daisy has always been rich she lives “high in her white palace” She is in love with Gatsby despite the fact that she is married to Tom
Symbols – Gold – Judy “slender enameled doll in cloth of gold” Symbols – Gold  – Daisy is the golden girl
The color white – Language Devices
Illusion – Judy portrays the idea of illusion by the way she acts/treats men she always says she loves them and that she wants then to marry her but when she gets bored she tosses then aside and wait till the next one comes along. This idea is best supported by the quote “i wish you’d marry me” Illusion- the idea of illusion is represented by Gatsby, he made himself a new person when he was 17 this immediately gives the impression that he isn’t who he says he is, he also says he has had money for ages but then he loves in West Egg the place where the newly rich live.

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